Lori Speelman


Lori has been in the insurance business since September 1996. She became a personal lines service agent in 2007, and is quiet knowledgeable. She continues to educate herself to better help her clients. Her clients say she is a great listener, and she will always go the “extra mile” to be helpful. She loves to see the smile that comes when she’s saved someone money or helped in a difficult situation! She says, “I will give of my time and self to help them in any way I can.  I am compassionate and will treat them as family in dealing with their insurance needs or concerns. Numerous clients have been with us for so long they feel like family.  I’ve seen parents become grandparents, children grow up to become mothers and fathers, and babies grow up to become 16-year-old drivers.  Truly a blessing!!”

Lori finds pleasure in spending time with her husband, three children, and ten grandchildren. She enjoys going to their sporting events (which are many!), watching them ride bikes, fish, and singing along together. Harley Two, the cat, was named by the grandchildren and fits right into the mix! Family time is a great source of pleasure for her!

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The personal relationship to go above and beyond, to put a smile on a client’s face when they know that they have had a bad day just by the sound of their voice. Then to send a card to show they care. You have wonderful agents working in the Dover PA area.
L Johnson York PA
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