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Insurance ads are EVERYWHERE! It doesn’t matter whether you are watching television, listening to the radio, or browsing the internet. Every few minutes you will either hear, or see, some company trying to convince you that you can save money by moving your business. You simply cannot trust a silly cartoon, a website, an 800 number, or a one company agency, with your lifetime worth of assets. Do these cute and quick options really have the skills, resources, and even the desire to focus solely on you in order to comprehensively address your risk, or are they just going to “try and sell” you something? Consider all the choices that need to be made: Do you choose Full or Limited Tort? Do you elect Stacking on your Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists? Should you be concerned about usage of a fleet auto on personal business? How do you cover the young driver who occasionally slips behind the wheel? Should you have guaranteed replacement cost on your home, or simple replacement cost? What about property off premise? How do you cover the tractor, boat, grandma’s ring, or dad’s gun collection? From a business perspective these questions become much more complex. We can help you through the maze of choices to develop a program customized to you! It takes a knowledgeable, caring, and resourceful insurance professional to make certain you have the proper package in place to protect what has taken you a lifetime to build. Structuring a program the “right” way generally leads to lower cost! You could always buy “cheap” insurance, but cheap insurance is what you will get. As long as you don’t have any losses you’ll be a happy camper. However, when that loss comes, you’ll quickly realize the “penny wise and pound foolish” approach taken to buy a cheap policy results in little to no coverage available to protect what you’ve spent most of your life working to build. Why Covenant? We can give you face to face service, that is surely a comfort when you find yourself in this situation. This is not a fancy sales approach! Contact us today to understand how we can provide a more comprehensive solution at a lower cost.  See how Covenant Can Work for You! 

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Personal Insurance

Auto insurance coverage financially secures you against whatever might be down the road, creating peace of mind all at an affordable cost.
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Commercial Insurance

You work hard to ensure your business's success and with business insurance, shelter your business from unexpected risks that your company might face.
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Non Profit/Ministries

Property and liability coverage are essential for any church or ministry. We can help you protect your ministry's people, property, and finances.
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Risk Management Services

We understand how to utilize proper safety and risk management strategies to address the property and liability risks you face.
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