Biscuits and Smoke Detectors

find out how important smoke detectors can be. Covenant insurance york pa It’s been an incredibly busy day! You’re finally sitting with your feet up. Feels so good. Dinner is in the crock-pot, table is set and the biscuits that are baking smell soooo good! Your IPad is sitting beside you just calling out to you. Just one last quick game of Candy Crush on Facebook before dinner is ready! Only a minute, or 5? Really, what could it hurt. It would be so relaxing!


There goes that smoke detector! Ugh! That dreaded sound when it’s only a little bit of smoke! “Why does that need to be so close to the kitchen?”, you ask yourself. You wonder what kind of Brainiac thought that was a great idea. Don’t they know that it will go off and interrupt my relaxation?

We’ve all done this. Thankfully this time you could respond quickly and get the biscuits out of the oven, even if they are a bit over done.

According to the NFPA, (National Fire Protection Association) 43% of home fires start in the kitchen. This is also the number one cause of home fires. Smoke alarms can be an early detection of what could become a very serious fire. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Placement of smoke detectors in the home is very important! The NFPA suggests smoke detectors should be installed on the ceiling or high on a wall for detection of the first traces of smoke. It is suggested to have one in every bedroom, and at least one on every floor/level of your home, including basements and hallways. And yes, you should have one right outside your kitchen… just in case your quick little game of Candy Crush turns into a half an hour and burnt biscuits!

The bottom line of this story is that smoke detectors do save lives. Although, at times, we do see them as a nuisance noise, they are extremely important. Be sure you do have them in the right locations, and by all means…do not take the batteries out! They can’t do their job if you disable them.



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