Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation insurance protects the key players on your team – your employees. They count on you to take care of them if the unexpected happens.

Workers Compensation Insurance is a state mandated insurance employers must carry on workers for when accidents happen…and they do happen. Your employees are the most valuable asset to your business. They help you keep your business running! Be sure you have a Workers Compensation policy that will give them peace of mind, and you too! We understand business, and we understand the importance of this coverage!

Laws that pertain to employees or independent contractors can be very confusing.  What is required by a business (and when), and how employees are to be classified can leave you puzzled. Did you know that the most common mistake is in the classification of specific employees? A mistake that can cause a business to overpay by thousands of dollars for their Workers Compensation Insurance!

We will be there to support you through any changes your business makes, give you straightforward advice, and offer you the best price possible. We understand the cost of doing business, and we are there to help you! We will review your policies to be sure you are always getting the best coverage as your company grows and expands! We want to be your partner in helping you develop a business that will be around for years to come!

At Covenant Insurance in York, PA, we have agents who specialize in workers compensation risks. We have worked with companies of all sizes. We have many years of experience. We represent multiple carriers which allows us to maximize your savings for this mandatory coverage. Don’t wonder if you have done the right thing! Have the confidence that your staff is covered properly. After an accident isn’t the time to find out what you have.

Workers Compensation Insurance doesn’t have to be confusing.  Contact us today and let us show you how we can help reduce your costs in providing coverage for your employee’s medical treatment and lost wages in the event of a work related loss.

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