…But I’m Not a Telemarketer!


Covenant insurance in york pa Beverley is now a telemarketerI know this scenario is all too real for many of us! I want you to come to my kitchen with me. I spent quite a bit of time putting together this great meal. I know you can smell it! The food is hot, and the aroma is amazing!! I just get the fork up to my mouth to taste the fruits of my labor…ring! Ring! Ugh! What to do? I know I should ignore it, but I can’t!

Nothing is more irksome to me than leaving a delightful dinner with my family to answer the phone! I say, “Hello?” I hear this young and eager voice on the other end trying to sell me a piece of real estate in the Alaskan wilderness (or some such thing)! Might have been a bridge in NY, I don’t’ know. My brain is fixated on that warm meal, and my family sitting around the table. Right about now you are telling me to ignore it! But… just not answering the phone goes against the grain for someone from my era (yep, I’m old. I’m of that era where the phone ringing means SOMEONE WANTS TO TALK TO ME!

I put on my very best voice, stop rolling my eyes, and try to remember there is a human being on the other end. I kindly try to say that I’m not interested and wiggle out of the connection without being rude. After all, my mother taught me to never be rude to people—did we just circle right back to my ancient roots? I NEVER imagined becoming a telemarketer. I tried it once in college when I was desperate for a job but it only lasted only a few weeks—I hated it! Ugh! Definitely NOT for me!
So, here we go. I’ve been accused of being a telemarketer, but no, I’m NOT a telemarketer. Don’t hang up on me! When you hear me calling you from Covenant Insurance Agency, I am NOT trying to reach out and grab you through the phone connection to coerce you into doing something you definitely don’t want to do. The last time I checked, we don’t sell land in the desolate places of Alaska! No no..The purpose of my call is to serve you, our client. I really am trying to do something for you, NOT get you to buy something. Care of our clients is our number one priority here!

My job is to be sure your information is up-to-date. We all keep switching cell phones, and since we use them instead of land lines, it really does become imperative I find out how to get in touch with you. Think about how many cell phones are in your house. I think you can see my point! No one really thinks about calling their agent when their phone number changes. Can’t blame you, until I started here that didn’t cross my mind either!

I’m really not trying to be nosy when I call, but I really do want to see if you have any questions for us to answer, or see if you have any problems for us to solve. I tell you that I’m calling you as a courtesy and that’s exactly the picture—we want to put you FIRST! After all, who has your best interests at heart more than your insurance agent? When you thrive and succeed, so do we! When you are happy and satisfied, so are we! But when you have needs, we want to be at the front of the line doing all we can to help you. This is why Covenant created my job! That is how important you are to them!

So when you hear, “Hi, my name is Beverly from Covenant Insurance,” DON’T HANG UP ON ME! I’m smiling and I want you to smile also. I know you are probably waiting on a great meal, or you may just want to keep going with your day. I really do get it! I will do my best to get you back to whatever you are doing. Please feel free to ask me to call you when it is convenient for you! I’m here to serve you!


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