Insurance and the Car Buying Process

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.53.29 PMYou finally make that move. The old car just isn’t what she used to be. Time to find that new ride! Whoo hooo! You’ve been to the bank to get your financing, and you’ve been to every dealer finding just the right slick and shiny, new-fangled machine. You have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s…but did you?

As you went through the car buying process, the dealer may have said something like this, “In order to make things easier on you, I’ll call your insurance agent!” You think, “Great! One less thing I have to do!” Really what you want to do is ride around York, Pa showing your friends what you just bought. After all, you know they want to see what you finally chose! So, yeah, one less thing to do sounds like a great plan! In theory is sounds good, but when it comes to buying a car… not good.

You really should call your agent yourself, and here is why. The dealers, who validly try to have your best interest at heart, sometimes forget to call. After all, in all the paperwork they have to do it may slip through the cracks. So, guess what, that beautiful new ride you just got didn’t get added to your policy. It is up to you to be sure the car is added. There is a short grace period to get it added, but do make that phone call yourself. It isn’t intentional, but it does happen!

The other issue is that the dealer really doesn’t know what the coverages should be on that new vehicle. Leaving it to the dealer doesn’t assure you get the best coverage. Calling your agent assures you have the right conversation about your new investment. What you had on the old car may not be enough on the new car.

The best practice is to call us before you begin that car buying process. What are you looking for? What might that coverage need to look like? Are there new coverages to talk about? Can you afford it? It’s always best to be armed with the best information before your eyes become glossed over with all the shiny new things before you, and you can’t hear a thing anyone is saying to you. We all know it’s true! We’ve all been there! It all sounds like beautiful music until someone scratches the needle across the record, you buy the new car and then hear you can’t afford the insurance on it, or it’s higher than you thought. Talk about a horrible sound! Your agent doesn’t want to sound like that to you! Let them partner with you in the process. You will be glad you did!

Remember, when you pay off that loan, you want to call your agent to remove the lienholder. Removing the lienholder will expedite things should a claim happen. A lienholder has interest in your property, and as long as you have that loan, you must by law have them listed. Once you complete the loan, you do not want to show they have interest in your property anymore. We will celebrate with you when it’s paid off! So give us a call, and let us know!


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