Joanie Fauth

Joanie works quite diligently on our research. She loves the chance to work from home. She loves digging through information to find what the agents need. She loves rising to the challenge of finding just that thing that is needed! She has her BS in Community Health Promotion, with a concentration in Business. She works behind the scenes, but her contribution to the daily operations of our office is vital!

She says that being from the South makes her unique here. She says she’s learning that sweet tea isn’t served everywhere, and not everyone is a hugger! Being a pastor’s wife, she is a real people person. Helping others is what she loves to do, and she finds it usually blesses her more than the person she’s trying to bless.

As if church activities, working, and family doesn’t keep Joanie busy enough, she loves to go to the beach with family, read a really good book, or get Mocha Frappuccinos with friends. She loves hanging out with her kids and their friends. When with her husband she says she has to be more civilized, so they watch movies and read books together. Chocolate is her friend, and she says it’s helped her get through many tough days of homeschooling! The time with her children has been a huge blessing in her life, and watching them move to the next phase into adulthood brings her much joy!






















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Friendly smiles. Great service.
Donald Miller - York
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