Nancy Stone

Nancy 140-200

Nancy is a significant part of the team! She does so many things behind the scenes that enhance our daily operations. She delves into serving our clients, staff, and partners well. She can be found helping in the office, speaking to clients, running for things we need, she keeps our surroundings beautiful, and heads up any of the entertaining. She is also the one behind the special cards clients receive when we find they may need an uplifting word. They are beautiful and meaningful! She is one busy, but thoughtful lady!

When she is not involved with Covenant operations, she enjoys gardening. She has an eye for making the grounds beautiful! Nancy began an Encouragement Group that teaches others how to make the beautiful cards our clients receive. They are mailed out to those that are needing an uplifting word and a prayer to go with it. She has a true gift of encouragement! Nancy and her husband Rob are involved in church together. Their children are now grown. They enjoy camping, boating, bike riding, and exploring new places.








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James Wilhide - York
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