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Car coverageIt is that time of year! The weather is getting nice, and we want to take to the roads! We look out to the driveway and we see our car sitting there with well over 100,000 miles on it.
It really is looking quite rough around the edges. Ok, more than rough around the edges.

Do I want to go used or new? That is always the question with car buying, but it is not the only question! Yes, we can talk color, safety features, and so much more. After contemplating all those things first, you decide to go with a brand spanking new vehicle. Now that is an exciting decision! It’s also going to be a big investment, but one you feel is so worth it! There is one question though you haven’t considered yet…

Why should I purchase New Security Coverage?  Buying that new car is a BIG investment and like most BIG investments in life, you want to protect them and you should! The insurance coverage you need is just as important as any feature on the car. Most folks think one size fits all with insurance, and that just isn’t the case. You have options!

Now you are now out on the road, and feeling really good about your new ride. We all know that anything can happen at any time. The unthinkable happens, and the other guy didn’t see you! Your stomach just did a huge flop and ended up in one big knot! No worries for you though! You thought ahead and spoke with your agent and were told about New Security Coverage; a great feature for your particular policy!  Now you don’t have the worries of having a brand new automobile and only getting the actual cash value at the time of the loss.

We all know that brand new automobiles depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot.  With that that being said, that is exactly why you need to purchase the New Security Coverage.  It gives you complete peace of mind knowing that, as long as your car is 24 months or newer, you would have your vehicle replaced with the same like and kind. If your car is now older than the 24 months, or you were not the first owner prior to reaching 24 month, you would get the actual cash value of a car that would be two years newer AND up to 15% off the mileage.

One size fits all policies do not exist. Be sure you talk to us about the coverage you will need as you go vehicle hunting. Talking to your agent is just as important as talking to the car salesman. Get all the facts before you buy!


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