Whatever is a Client Support Specialist?

What is a client support specialistMy position was newly created at Covenant Insurance to better serve YOU, our client, by making personal contact. YOU are the whole purpose for our existence; I need to make sure Covenant is doing everything possible to care for your needs. When it comes time for your policies to renew annually, you will be getting a call from me to see if you have any questions concerning the coverage detailed on the mailing you receive from your insurance company. Ask me anything! I’m not a licensed agent, but it is my job to make sure you get the service and answers you deserve. Think of me as the middleman who links you to the best possible answer for your specific circumstances. As my title states, I’m here to “support” you, our client. What you want, I do to the best of my ability to get for you!

As your Client Support Specialist, I will verify the contact information we have for you and send updates directly to your insurance provider. Have you dropped your landline and now only communicate with cell phones? Did you let us know your new number(s)?   WE NEED TO KNOW! Insurance is a tool that protects you from many dangers, so think of us as your personal body guard—things happen and it’s important to be able to reach you at a moment’s notice!

Do you have email? Email is a great communication tool that won’t bother you by ringing in the middle of an important meeting, exciting shopping expedition, or even a nap.   Did you know that by law Covenant Insurance protects your personal information and will not share or sell your email address (or any other personal information) with anyone??!! We don’t send junk mail. We will occasionally send you information explaining various coverages so you know you have the best coverage for YOU, possibly saving you money on your insurance and protecting your assets. Risk management is a huge service we offer to our clients. Letting you know what to do in storms, flooding, BIG snows and other dangers is important! We all can’t think of everything when trouble comes, so let us partner with you in protecting what you have!

I find that we all get busy, and don’t think about the changes we’ve made in life. We all tend to roll with those changes not realizing the insurance agent needs to know about them. Did you finally get those new windows you have been wanting for years to keep out the drafts therefore saving on heating and cooling bills? They also add beauty and value to your home. Have you been watching HGTV and longing to replace your old carpeting with new hardwood or ceramic flooring so you spent your tax refund on that upgrade? Maybe you added a gorgeous porch or pool to better enjoy those hot summer breezes. Did you install a state-of-the-art security system to protect your family, assets, and home? Any changes to your home can increase its value and insurability—let us know about these so we can be sure to update your coverage as well! Who wants to lose all the value you pour into your home? In a moment that can happen, and it’s our job as a team to make sure it doesn’t!

When you get that call, “Hi! I’m Beverly from Covenant Insurance”…you’ll know who I am, and why I’m calling you. I’m your partner in insurance! I’m here to help you!


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I have really enjoyed having Rob as an insurance man. His friendly and helpful attitude is always appreciated. When we moved into our new home and had a glitch, Rob went above and beyond to insure that we could move on time. I’ve never forgotten his “can do” for our family.
Robert Reidy - Spring Grove

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