What’s a Mom Worth?

Covenant Insurance Life insurance york paMoms are Awesome!! Yes…AWESOME!!!!

I’m a few years past my high-school (and even college graduation), but remember fondly my mother’s care as I was growing up.

Back then the things most evident to me in my childhood experience was that mom was always there. She provided wonderful home-cooked meals, ran me to church, to friend’s houses, to football practice, and was there to put a Band-Aid on my elbow or nurse me when sick. My clothes were always laundered, she made sure I had the necessary school supplies, and she (definitely) kicked my tail when I was ornery…which for me, the oldest of three with two younger sisters, involved a lot of kicking! (Did I mention I was ornery?)

As I grew up and had kids of my own I quickly realized that there was much more to being a parent than food, laundry, and transportation. Juggling expectations with the seemingly never ending demands of a family is hard work…Really Hard Work!! Diapers, doctors, grocery store, sports, PTA, running kids all over York County, church activities, school, sleepovers, camping trips…the list goes on and on.

At Covenant Insurance, we offer life insurance for our clients. I know it’s not everyone’s favorite subject, but it is important to consider. We don’t ever just “sell” life insurance here. We’ve seen enough to know that it’s truly a need! Life insurance, when done correctly can make a huge difference at the time of loss. It does not have to be expensive and will provide vital monies for the family at the time of death of a loved one to payoff debts, provide money for living expenses, fund death taxes, establish an estate, pay final expenses, etc. The list goes on and on.

I’ve counseled couples who are considering Life Insurance as part of their estate planning many times. The husband usually gets around to asking, “My wife is a stay at home mom and doesn’t make money, so we don’t need life insurance on her, right”? Well no, that would not be correct, and here’s why…

According to salary.com, it would cost you $138,095 to outsource mom’s functions just for one year! And, I argue, that wouldn’t fund everything mom does, and would not even include day care for the young children.   I don’t know the total dollar cost to replace what a mom does…but it’s a LOT! Clearly, moms do have a need for life insurance!

The beauty here is that life insurance is actually quite affordable. Did you know a healthy 30 year old non-smoker can get $100,000 in life insurance for around $11 per month? That’s not a lot of money. And, if you are younger, the rate can be even less.

Life insurance rates are based upon your age, tobacco use status, and general heath attributes. I’m encouraging all my York neighbors to talk with us about life insurance! Getting a quote only takes a few quick minutes and you truly may be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive this important coverage can be. Just take a moment to think about it. What would you do if your spouse wasn’t there…

Whether you get a quote on life insurance or not…be sure to remember that Mom’s Really Are AWESOME! Thanks Mom!!!


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