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At Cavenant Insurance we realize no two households are alike. We represent a variety of insurance companies to try to fit every situation. We’ll find the best fit for your home and auto needs and make sure you are covered properly.

Preferred (Ultra-Select) Auto Insurance This program offers the lowest premiums and higest coverages available. To qualify, you’d need to have a good driving record and limited accident history (in the past three years).

Standard Auto Insurance This program is for drivers with “Less Than Perfect” driving or accident history.

Homeowners Insurance Your home is the largest financial investment you will ever make. We’ll build a policy customized specifically for you and your family!

Antique/Collector Auto Insurance High-value and specialty autos require customized coverage to assure you get the right protection.

Motorcycle Insurance – Our motorcycle program is customized to your specific, individual needs as a rider.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance Everything from your boat, trailer, motors, and equipment can be easily and inexpensively covered through this program.

Investment Property / Vacation Home Insurance When put under the right coverage form, your properties can be insured with the broadest coverage available at a great rate!

Umbrella Liability Insurance This coverage sits over your home, auto, motorcycle, and other policies providing a blanket excess liability coverage limit to protect you and your family.

Life Insurance Life insurance is not as expensive as you may think. When combined with your auto and home policies, you’ll even receive additional discounts. Let us show you how affordable this valuable protection can be!!

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I appreciate greatly the help you have given us. Never before have I seen an insurance agent go to such lengths to not only get our business, but to also understand our business and work together with us to protect our interests. You’re good people and we are happy to be a customer.
Barry - York

Personal Insurance

Auto insurance coverage financially secures you against whatever might be down the road, creating peace of mind all at an affordable cost.
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Commercial Insurance

You work hard to ensure your business's success and with business insurance, shelter your business from unexpected risks that your company might face.
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Non Profit/Ministries

Property and liability coverage are essential for any church or ministry. We can help you protect your ministry's people, property, and finances.
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Risk Management Services

We understand how to utilize proper safety and risk management strategies to address the property and liability risks you face.
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